About Us

Welcome to The Gypsy Couture!

The Gypsy Couture was born in October, 2009 with a converted 1940’s era travel trailer and a vision of providing high quality, feminine fashion with a focus on eclectic, unique items with a little Gypsy Spirit!

After many disappointing boutique shopping trips, Cordie Jasinsky channeled her rebellious spirit, sense of adventure, and love of fashion into a unique business.The Gypsy Couture carries unique clothing and accessories and only buys a limited quantity of each piece. Once those pieces are sold, we don’t buy any more so our customers won’t see themselves coming and going.

We know that each of you has a little Gypsy Spirit in you, and are looking to create your own style. We pride ourselves on not being the stuffy brands that you see everyone else wearing. At Gypsy Couture, we have selected a blend of trendy and unique designs that will have your friends always asking "Where did you get that?"

Embrace Your Inner Gypsy Spirit, Cordie Jasinsky